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28 October 2009 @ 02:27 am
I used to have days off...  

...and now I spend those days doing the things I can't do while working. Adult life blows.

STILL haven't found a name for my guy character in my story and I'm now questioning the girls name as well. Fuck. I think I'm just gonna have to stick with what I got now and change it later if I find something better.

White Collar is SPECTACULAR. The acting, the dialog, the characters, all spot on! And Matt Bomer *diez from teh prettehz* I want his babies! (not really) BUT STILL! Mom, Grandma and I are all in agreement that's it's noce to have something pretty to watch on TV again! Huzzah!

God Damn it is like 2:30am and I should REALLY be tired. -_- But I'm not. I should write, but I probably wont. I need to just pull up the damn Word program and just start....

...But first I'll check FF.N (which means I'm not going to write) I know me this well and I still can't stop myself. I need help. *shame* The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. So *clears throat*...

...My name is Susan, and I'm a fanfiction-aholic.

There, I feel so much better. Now I can read it with a clear conscience. XD

I'm Feeling: bouncy