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21 October 2009 @ 10:54 pm

Ugh, so tired. Did NOT sleep enough to wake up early and work all day. Thank christ for Angela who took the rest of the shift I was covering so I didn't have to stay till fucking 7:30p after having been working since 8:15a. I know that's like an average full time work day but ugh. I need more prep for that. And better pay! XD I would've been fine had I gotten SLEEP! Tomorrow I work long and late but I don't have to get up early so WOOHOO!

Need to find a vendor that sells raw cocoa beans and then a recipe for making chocolate from scratch. Cause HELLZ YEAH! I'm really excited. Unfortunatly now I have the daunting prospect of paying for culinary school. URG! I thought I would manage to avoid college expences but I guess not. It's worth it though. When one day I'll my own candy store with completely homemade chocolates and the like. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

I feel like I should do some writing but first I need to look up biblical names so I can finally have a name for this character! He kinda need's one, being one of the two primary characters and all LOL!

I can't figure out how to have my Twitter show up here. It says I can, but I can't find a place to put it! DX I am the sux with web design or anything even approaching it. Oh well. Whatevah!

New show on USA to replace Psych during the winter! The main guy is so pretty. Mom and I are drooling already. Hopefully it'll be a good show. I want something good to wach while Psych is gone.

Sherona on the next ep of Monk actually make me want to watch. It should be cool. I want to see her interaction with Natalie. Potential hilarity out the ass. Plus the comercial for the episode they're showing clips from ye olde Monk and playing 'My Sherona' which is a kickass song so I'm always jammin' when the ad pops up!

Well, off to puruse the interwebz!