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13 February 2009 @ 07:08 pm
I am soooo tired  
I worked for 6 hours today, which in the grand scheme isn't a lot but I've never done that so it was taxing. Today was my fourth day working as a cashier at the grocery store and I can honestly say I love my job. It sounds weird but I enjoy what I do. I'm starting to get the hang off things, feeling more confident, and I'm getting along with everyone. Pretty much all my co-workers are awesome, as well as my superiors which makes working there that much nicer. I guess I'm just cut out for customer service. I'm good at it, and I enjoy talking to people. Whenever I get home from work I'm always tired, but in a good way, and I feel accomplished.

Well, I didn't have a ton to say but I wanted to say something, I'm just so tired I can't keep going. Mom is going to tape Monk and Psych in case I can't stay awake.
I Currently Exist In: My living room
I'm Feeling: accomplishedtired but accomplished
Atmosphere: something on the TV